Where to Get A Passport


Figuring out where to get a passport in your location can require some research if you want to apply for your new passport or passport renewal in person. In most states, you can apply at certain post offices.

Other locations that may operate as passport facilities include public libraries and clerk of court offices. Department of State offices operate as regional passport agencies and can process expedited passport applications if you require them. The fastest you can get a passport using this method is within 15 business days.

Getting a passport can quickly become a hassle. Most of the time, passport facilities have limited hours, which means you may need to go during the workday. Some will require you to make an appointment before you can be seen to submit your application. You will need to verify the types of payment that your chosen passport agency or facility accepts so that you don’t show up without enough money to pay for and submit your application.

Nobody enjoys getting a passport in person because of all the above reasons. However, there is another option available that can make the process of getting a passport simple and easy.

If you want to take some of the guesswork out of applying for a new or renewed passport, your best option is to get a passport online. This method will save you a lot of time and can even help you get your passport into your hands faster.


Getting A Passport Online

At Signature Passport, we make it easy for you to get a passport online. You won’t need to worry about taking time off work or standing in long lines waiting to apply. Instead, you will work with one of our friendly and helpful passport specialists to submit the right documentation so you can receive your passport quickly and efficiently.

Our entire online process of getting a passport is secure, so you can rest assured that all of your information is safe. You’ll start by giving us a quick overview of who you are and why you need a passport. Then, you’ll pay for your new passport. Fees will vary depending on the delivery window that you choose.

Once you have secured your reservation by making your payment, our system will automatically give you all of the required forms you will need to complete, along with detailed instructions. In the meantime, our Passport Specialists will review your account and document the process, ensuring that every step is handled correctly and catching anything that gets missed quickly to avoid slowing down the application process.

Once your documentation is complete, you will send the forms to one of our processing locations. Then, our Passport Specialists will do a final check to make sure all of your information is accurate and review all the shipping details with you. They will then submit your application to the Department of State. After it has been processed, you will receive your passport within your selected delivery timeframe.

Skip the lines and the hassle by getting your passport online.

Start your passport application today.