Simple and Fast

Online Process

Passport Processing

A personal passport specialist will guide you through the entire process,

from start to finish, and return your travel documents quickly and securely.

Where Do I Start?

The process starts online by completing a few questions about yourself and your upcoming travels.

Our online registration form is easy and quick.
At the end of our online form, we will request your payment information.

We do require payment up-front so that we can hold a reservation on your behalf in order to guarantee the delivery of your travel documents in the time you selected.

What Happens After I Place My Order?

Our system will provide you with the required forms and instructions you need to complete.

Behind the scenes, our Passport Specialists will be looking over your account for any potential issues with the reservation and will be documenting your order as the process continues.

Passport Specialists will be with you every step of the way – from the moment you place the order  – to the time you receive your travel documents in your hands

Our Passport Specialists will review all documentation with you and resolve any questions you may have.

Submitting My Documentation

Once you’re done completing the required forms which should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete, you will need to submit them to one of our several processing locations.

Your Passport Specialist will go over the shipping address and shipping details with you. Furthermore, your Passport Specialist will do one last check with you to ensure you have everything needed prior to shipping to us.

Processing of My Application

Once your documentation is received by our Passport Specialists, they will also take one last look at your documentation to ensure nothing has been missed prior to processing.

Your application will then be submited to the Department of State for processing and procurement.

Best of all your application is guaranteed to be processed within the time frame you selected or the services are free.

Shipping of My Passport

When complete, your US Passport will be shipped to you overnight.

Our system will alert you as we will need someone to be at your location to sign for the passport.

We do require signatures upon delivery
to ensure your US Passport is delivered securely.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

You will receive live help and updates on your passport throughout the entire process from Passport Specialists who understand the urgency of your situation.

You will receive additional support on any process you need assistance with and quick answers to any problems you have with your processing.

What Happens If The Passport Agency Suspends my Application?

Unlike other State processes, our services will receive notice from the Department of State the day your passport application is suspended or denied for any reason.

We understand that this can be worrisome – but, no worries. Our Passport Specialist will be on the case and will call and review the reasoning behind the suspension and do everything we can resolve the issue.

Most suspensions can be resolved within 24 hours with little to no additional documentation needed.

Regardless of the issue, we will be in constant contact and will work with you and the Passport Agency to ensure your application is processed and delivered back to you before your travels.