Terms of Service

Signature Passport Service : Terms & Conditions


  1. Overview Of The Services
  2. Passport Agency & Their Authority
  3. Approvals/Denials Of Applications
  4. Fees Not Covered As Part Of The Services
  5. Requirements: The Forms & Instructions
  6. Types Of Passports
  7. Concerns: How & Where To Address Them
  8. Cancellation: How To / Where To Cancel
  9. Refunds: How & When Refunds Are Issued
  10. United States Postal Service
  11. Shipping Your Application
  12. Privacy & What Is Being Collected
  13. Support: Where & How To Receive
  14. Multiple Accounts
  15. Changes To This Policy
  16. Acceptance Of All These Terms
  1. Overview:
    By using this website you understand that this is a service for the sole purpose of applying for US Passport Book and/or US Passport Card. You understand that this website provides expedited (i.e. rushed, hurried, quicker) services and processing compared to what is considered standard/routine through the US Postal System. You understand that this is not the only way to apply for the passport, as you have the option to submit documents directly through a government based provider. You understand that if you are comfortable with waiting up to 8 weeks for a passport from the point that you apply, an expedited service is not required. All passports require documents to be submitted. The applicant must have proof they are a US citizen to be eligible to use this website to apply. To request these services you understand that an applicant is not automatically entitled to a passport, as it is the US Department of State decision to either approve or deny an applicant’s request for a passport. The company you are hiring to assist with the passport process provides instructions, forms, shipping directions and support; but does not guarantee the outcome. You understand the couriers of the company will submit the documentation received to the federal passport agency; conditionally that you have included all properly completed requested & required documentation.

  2. Passport Agency
    The Federal Agency may require additional documents beyond what was originally advised, or they may change the requirements without notice. Our company cannot be held responsible for the delays, expenses, or inconveniences if the Passport Agency were to alter the requirements after documents have been received. The Passport Agency does not issue refunds for checks or money orders that they process. You understand that if you request to have your documents returned once they have been received or submitted, then the amount paid to our company is nonrefundable.

  3. Approvals/Denials
    Signature Passport Service does not issue passports. Even by supplying all the required documents the US Government is entitled to reject individuals from receiving a US Passport. There is no universal way to predict approval odds. Approval for citizenship does not translate to passport approval. Our company as well as the Passport Agency do indicate if there are errors or omissions in a person’s documents and request the remaining(missing) material. Once documentation is received by our company the fee paid to our company and the fee to the Government would be considered nonrefundable. *Read more below

  4. Fees
    You understand that the fees you pay our company do not fully or partially cover the Government fees that you owe the US Department of State. You understand that the government fees for an expedited passport are greater than routine processing, and the cost of a passport book is greater than a passport card. You understand that the applicant is responsible for paying the shipping cost to submit your documentation to our office, the cost of passport photos, as well as the cost for your documents to be verified by an Acceptance Agent. The fees paid to our company are for the services we provide and FedEx Priority Overnight return shipping. Services include: a limited reservation at the Passport Agency for a chosen expedited service, receiving of proprietary content (checklists, links, tools, directions, etc), and support from our specialists.
    **Read more below

  5. Requirements
    In order for the Passport Agency to print a passport, an applicant is required to submit certain documents. The standard documents would be proof of US citizenship, copy of ID, passport photos, government fee, travel itinerary, and an application form. Our company provides a checklist of these documents, along with the support and tools to help an applicant apply for their passport. The applicant understands that they are not shipping the documents to the government; they must send it to one of our locations for processing at the Passport Agency. The applicant is responsible for any errors, or omissions, so we cannot be held liable of applicant mistakes; though we agree upon documentation arrival to advise of any important errors or omissions and assist with the resolution (unless the application is sealed and verified by the Acceptance Agent).

  6. Types
    There are a variety of types of passport applicants and it is the applicant responsibility to choose the appropriate type. The most common types are: New Adult, Child, Adult Renewal, Lost/Stolen replacement, Name Change & Passport Card.

  7. Concerns
    You understand that if you have any concerns, issues or questions regarding your application you must call our company directly for support (1-866-920-0777); as we are not responsible for inaccurate information you may find from other sources. You understand that this agreement is between the company and customer, so if you have any billing concerns, cancellation requests, or refund requests of any kind that you will address these issues directly with our staff. You understand that if you do not speak with us to discuss your concerns than they will not be addressed. By agreeing to these terms, you accept refunds are not issued for any reason after the agreed timeframe to cancel services. You understand that if you have any of the following changes it will not void the refund policy (travel plans, budget limits, urgency level, health, ability to print, etc.).

  8. Cancellation
    You understand that there is a limited amount of time to cancel these services. Three (3) business days is the maximum time permitted to cancel the requested service – please see the cancelation fee as outlined below. Cancellation is not implied or assumed due to non-submission of documents; it is by speaking to one of our specialists to process the cancellation request through our support line. Any attempt to pursue a refund through other means will result in being held responsible for the entire amount of your purchase. In the event of a chargeback, the account is placed under financial hold and dispute fees would need to be paid to offset expenses incurred for the hold to be lifted. Cancellation requests made after the deadline will result in the amount paid at purchase becoming nonrefundable. In such event, the amount paid can be applied as in-store credit toward future applications through our company. The account can also be transferred to another family-based applicant if you decide the original applicant will not be proceeding with the passport. The account has 90 days of access before it would reach an expiration point. Extending the period is upon request and at company discretion.

  9. Refunds
    In the event of cancellation, refunds are to be issued back to the payment method used. If the card on file is no longer valid, a check will be mailed to the address on file. Refunds are issued within 8 to 20 business days from cancellation. In the event of a cancellation where the refund is not issued within that period, additional follow up may be required to ensure it is resolved. In such case by speaking directly with us on the matter is the best way to ensure no refund delay occurs.

    Premier Passport: Cancellation And Refund Policy

    Up to 3 Business Days – No Access to the Service/Reservation

    Full Refund

    Up to 3 Business Days – Order in Progress – with Services/Reservation Access (forms and proprietary instructions received also access to the phone passport support)

    Refund minus Service/Reservation Fee

    After 3 Business Days

    No Refund

  10. USPS Warning
    Although we have the utmost respect for the US Postal Service, we do not recommend it to be used for the shipping of your passport application documents if you purchase our services. Postal employees are trained to ship passport applications to PO Boxes, so maybe difficult for them to ship your documents directly to us. Due to this routine you understand a postal employee is not to decide or influence how you submit your documents, as that is strictly your choice. You understand that once our services are purchased to consult with our staff for any support.

  11. Shipping
    You understand we can only process what we receive, so processing time does not begin when the payment for the services is made; it starts when our courier completely receives the necessary documents. We strongly recommend you ship your documents through FedEx, as that is the method we will use to return the passport along with ant documents returned to us by the Passport Agency. For maximum delivery success, you agree to report the tracking number used for the shipment once you start the delivery to one of our representatives so we can follow the incoming delivery. 
    ***Read more below

  12. Privacy
    Our Company is committed to providing the highest level of privacy and security available. 
    ****Read more below

  13. Support 1-866-920-0777
    You understand that our staff and support is only available weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You understand that if you wish to reach us outside of those hours you are to leave a voicemail for our staff to reach you and we will contact you back during the above work hours. Any message left must advise the reason for your call, the applicant name, and the phone number to reach you during business hours. If you call during business hours and are unable to wait on hold, you must select the option to leave a message, as we cannot account for callers that do not speak with us or leave messages. After purchase please keep your case number handy; as we will need that in order to locate the account for an incoming call.

  14. Multiple Applicants
    If you wish to apply for passports for multiple applicants you have the option to process multiple requests. The amount paid to our company for an order is for that applicant only. *****Read more below

  15. Changes
    This company does its best to accurately describe all services listed on its website, but cannot warrantee that the descriptions, definitions or statements are error-free

  16. Acceptance
    I ___ authorize this payment made for the application of_. By accepting the terms and conditions, you fully agree to the above without objection. You confirm that you placed this service request after fully reviewing the requirements and explanation of the process. You allow your I.P. address to be captured and recorded as ___, which will be used as your online signature for this transaction and agreement placed on ___.

Many factors are taken into consideration for a passport application which would be considered (i.e. legal status, government financial delinquency, insufficient identification, etc…). Due to these factors, it would be unrealistic to assume one will be approved for their passport. In the event of an applicant is determined ineligible, a person’s documents are returned to them. Once a service has been completed you have up to 90 days to report any claims of dissatisfaction, compensation requests, or corrections required.

You understand that in order for the foreign government to process your funds they require a money order of the specified amount. You understand that consulates offer various payment amounts, so we will be providing you with the information as to whom to make the payment for, and the amount in US dollars.

For the most urgent processing speeds early morning delivery may be called upon. The cost of our customers shipping their documents to us varies, so we are not able to quote you on what that cost will be, it is at the discretion of FedEx or UPS. Although FedEx is an extremely reliable shipper, exact delivery time is not fully guarantee able, and thus delays may occur and “” is not held responsible. In the event the following business morning delivery time is not early enough; FedEx offers for an additional fee you may authorize for Saturday delivery, First Morning Overnight, and in some cases same day shipping.

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to process all debit or credit card information using encryption to protect the transmission of data. Your information is guaranteed to never be given or sold to third parties.

You understand that by paying for one application you are not entitled to free services for others (family members, friends, co-workers…etc.)