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Order Confirmation

Dear , your order has been placed and confirmed. Please proceed to the next steps below in order to submit the necessary documentation required for a CHILD PASSPORT. We have assigned, , to assist you when you’re ready to review your passport application documents or when you need help with your passport application.


Forms and Collect Personal Documents

Fill Out Forms

Electronically Complete the Government Passport Application Form DS-11. Once you reach the end of this online form you will be required to select “Create Form” in order to print. Please print 2 copies. Please note that hand written or PDF Filler applications will not be accepted. If you have any issues completing this form, please call our office for assistance.

Parental Consent: Only needed if one of the two parents can be at the Acceptance Agent. The absent parent must have DS-3053 signed and notarized and notarized copy of their ID.


The Authorization Letter (LOA), please click the button above to print and sign two copies in Blue Ink only.

Gather Personal Documents

Please click the button above to view acceptable proofs of citizenship. ONLY originals or certified copies are accepted.

Please click the button above to view examples of travel itinerary. Please print 1 copy.

Two Identical Passport Photos.

  • Photo must be 2”x”2 in size, on a white background.
  • Please do not wear any hats, scarfs, or other items that will impair your identity.
  • Eye glasses of any kind are no longer allowed to be worn in the photo.
  • Child’s eyes must be visible.

Government Fee

Government Fee – Exactly 75.

  • Government fee payment should be only in the form of a personal check or money order. Personal check must have an address.
  • Make it payable to: “US Department of State”
  • Make sure your handwriting is legible.

Do not use a company, temporary, cashier or starter checks of any kind

NOTE: Do you need help, need to review your documents, or you want us to call you?

Please click on the button below to request a callback from your passport specialist Ariel B. during our normal business hours.


Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6PM EST

Saturday & Sunday closed

Visit an Acceptance Agent (the AA Agent)

Bring the above listed original seven documents, and one set of photocopies to a Passport Acceptance Facility (Post Office or County Clerk) and notify the agent you are using an expediting service to “hand carry” your application.

To locate your nearest acceptance facility click here:

To learn more about the Acceptance Agent (AA) process click here:

Ship Your Application Using FedEx

Shipping Address

Find FedEx Location

By clicking the button below I am confirming that the above Steps 1 and 2 are fully completed and I am ready to ship my documents. After you click the button below we will send you an email with the shipping address for your application.

Please click the button below to find FedEx location near you.

Report Your Tracking Number

In order to ensure we receive your documentation without delay we require that you report your tracking number. Click the button below to report your tracking number:

You can call in at 866-920-0777 or send an email to support@signaturepassport.com to report your tracking number. Failure to report your tracking number could delay your passport application from being processed.


Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6PM EST

Saturday & Sunday closed

CHARGE SUMMARY: Your Visa ending in has been charged $*

Please click the button below to view/print your receipt. *This invoice excludes government & AA fees that are still owed by you to the US Department of State

Please click the button below to view the status of your passport application.For more information or questions regarding your passport status, you’re welcome to reach out to your specialist Ariel B. during normal business hours.

IMPORTANT: Your Reservation is Time Sensitive:

Request Account Changes

Terminating Your Purchase

Signature Passport Service understands that there are different time constraints when applying for a US Passport and you may need to make changes based on your passport needs. Signature Passport Services will allow you to make changes to your account up to the point your application has been submitted for processing. Note the speed of service you selected is the time it will take for your application to process once we are in receipt of your passport documentation. You can make changes to your account using these two methods.

1. Speak with a live representative during normal business hours.
2. Electronically file your request by selecting the button below

Signature Passport Service will allow you to discontinue use of the services for a refund as long as your request is received within the time frame and terms per contract (Click Here To View Your Contract). All orders that are cancelled carry a non-refundable processing fee of [case_nrd]*. This fee is used to cover the costs of the reservation you have already electronically secured and processing fees associated with your request. We make the cancellation process simple:

1. Speak with a live representative during normal business hours.
2. Electronically file your request by selecting the button below