Latest Technologies


Latest Technologies


We look to make your passport application process seamless using the latest in online support.

  • Fast and more responsive communication
    • We try to make everything about our service as fast and smooth as possible. We believe in getting you the information you need about your application and/or your passport when you need it. We have designed our systems to be responsive to your questions so there is no more guesswork when completing your passport application. Our online systems will also stay in touch with you throughout your process so you know what is going on with your passport application every step of the way.
  • E-Communication support is taken to the next level
    • Text To put under this title: Once you place your order with our services you will be provided with access to a dedicated passport specialist. This specialist will be there throughout the process to assist you. In order to meet your time frame and schedule, our systems are tailored to record your actions every step of the way. Furthermore, if at any time you have questions about what comes next in the process, our system will give you options to contact your passport specialist electronically. This will allow your specialist to respond to you either via online support or schedule a call to speak with you.
  • Let us do the waiting for you with our call back option
    • Here at Signature Passport Service, we don’t believe in keeping the customer waiting. For this reason, we offer the ability to have our systems call you back so you don’t have to wait on the phone for a representative. Simply call us on our toll-free number and press 1 at any time to take advantage of this free service we provide.

  • Online Chat With A Passport Specialist
    • When you’re chatting with one of our representatives online they aren’t just random representatives, they are passport specialists with extensive training to answer your questions. We understand how precious your time is and we will always make the most of it. If at anytime an online representative can’t answer your concerns they will schedule a call back with you to get you the information you need.
  • Text Messenger (SMS) – Coming Soon!
    • We are always looking for more interesting ways to reach out to our passport applicants. We anticipate the ability to communicate with text messenger very soon.